Friday, August 17, 2007

Young Democrats in Training, Part I

When we visited Robert and his kids, Jack and Katie, we discovered that their vegan nanny has left an impression on her subjects:

Katie: "If you kill animals, you kill yourself."

Wendy: "Really? I'm still alive, and I'm eating chicken."

Katie: "If you kill animals, you kill the earth."

Jack: "Uh huh, by killing anything, you're hurting the environment, you're hurting yourself, and it's bad."

Wendy: "Then maybe you shouldn't eat your chicken."

Jack: "No, I like chicken."


  1. i like chicken too. it tastes like cat.

  2. So, if you eat animals, are you eating the environment? Because greens are good for you, and so are minerals and lots of other things in the environment.

  3. At least a chicken can run away. Vegetables, for example carrots, are stationary and hardly fair game. I think the vegan's got it mixed up. She should be an animalan. Meatan?