Friday, December 11, 2009

iPhone Recommendations

I am a proud owner of a new iPhone. And yet, I need advice. In fact, I turned on commenting so that you can spill your guts. One problem, however, is that since I don't post often, my readership may have dwindled. It's possible. Good Lord, what if no one leaves a comment because no one is reading my power blog?

Deep breath - I cannot fret over things that I cannot control. I must proceed down the path with armed with courage, and hope for added strength beyond the bend - Exhale . . .

So give me your advice on good iPhone apps. Here are my needs:

* I want a few fun games to play for when I'm waiting in line at the soup kitchen.

* I want to track sporting events when I'm out and about. I'd like an app that lets me listen to football games on the radio, or a gamecast-type apps that tells me what the score is and who has the ball and that kind of thing.

* Any other iPhone app that you recommend.

Come on, let it out.