Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Obama or Hillary?

An odd thing has happened to me. I was pretty evenly divided between Obama and Hillary. By the way, Wendy chastised me for referring to the broad in the election as "Hillary" instead of "Clinton," especially when I refer to the brother man as "Obama" instead of "Barack." I explained that I did this out of historical context. "Clinton" refers to Bill, not Hillary. I do want to be politically sensitive, so from now on, I'll refer to Hillary as "Clinton" and to Bill as "Clinton's husband." Anyway, over the past week, I have become completely, decidely, utterly in favor of Barack Hussein. I don't know why, but I'll grasp at reasons:

* I think McCain can beat Clinton, but not Obama. I DO NOT want another Republican in office. We need to send the same message we sent in 2006 and should have sent in 2004.

* The Clintons are good politicians, and Clinton's husband was an effective executive except for the intern-al fellatio, but they're money grubbers. Yes, I already have Clinton fatigue.

* Hillary will keep us in Iraq longer than Barack Hussein.

* Hillary voted to authorize war (or the threat of war -- whatever). I'm still pissed at all the Democrats who capitulated under the fear of being soft or unpatriotic in the wake of 9/11. Hillary was one of them.

* Other than Iraq, I don't think Barack's and Hillary's policies are significantly different.

* Hillary might be slightly better for the economy and she'd probably get off to a better start, but I just like Obama. I can't see him being hated or scorned by anyone but the craziest wingnuts.

So, go Barack! By the way, I'm going to the caucus next Tuesday. What do you call a person who goes to a caucus? Caucusoid?