Friday, January 9, 2009

New Post!

I have to write a new web log entry because that last one is a stinker. I actually wrote a bunch more that ended up being too personal and too whiny, so I deleted it. We're all safe and healthy in our house, and one of us still has a job, so why complain? It does bother me that excess becomes the norm and is therefore expected, so we're going to struggle for a bit while a new norm is established. So what?

So what should I write about? My practice swing is still rock solid, even though I'm releasing my hips too soon, resulting in a loss of power. I'm still pounding 300-yard imaginary drives, so there's not much more to say about that.

This blog is experiencing a death rattle. Is there a term for that? Maybe eDeathRattle. You know a blog is hurting when the author talks about blogging.

I could write about losing a long-time friend over something he did a few months ago, but that's too personal. Hmm.

Oh, the Colts lost, just as I expected. The night they played, I set up a date with Wendy so I wouldn't have to watch the game. We went and saw the Seattle Symphony perform Beethoven's Ninth. On the way home, I turned on the radio and ended up hearing, "The Colts went out on a nine-game win streak." I watched just enough highlights to torment myself. That night, with the triumphant Ode to Joy refrain in my head, I kept thinking about Peyton Manning completing a pass on third down to steal the game. Instead, he pump faked and got sacked. I'd try to put it out of my mind, and think about more pleasant thoughts, like mutual funds, and then wham -- I'd bolt wide awake and see Manning's happy feet in my mind's eye.

There. Now that's a blog entry.