Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Obama or Hillary?

An odd thing has happened to me. I was pretty evenly divided between Obama and Hillary. By the way, Wendy chastised me for referring to the broad in the election as "Hillary" instead of "Clinton," especially when I refer to the brother man as "Obama" instead of "Barack." I explained that I did this out of historical context. "Clinton" refers to Bill, not Hillary. I do want to be politically sensitive, so from now on, I'll refer to Hillary as "Clinton" and to Bill as "Clinton's husband." Anyway, over the past week, I have become completely, decidely, utterly in favor of Barack Hussein. I don't know why, but I'll grasp at reasons:

* I think McCain can beat Clinton, but not Obama. I DO NOT want another Republican in office. We need to send the same message we sent in 2006 and should have sent in 2004.

* The Clintons are good politicians, and Clinton's husband was an effective executive except for the intern-al fellatio, but they're money grubbers. Yes, I already have Clinton fatigue.

* Hillary will keep us in Iraq longer than Barack Hussein.

* Hillary voted to authorize war (or the threat of war -- whatever). I'm still pissed at all the Democrats who capitulated under the fear of being soft or unpatriotic in the wake of 9/11. Hillary was one of them.

* Other than Iraq, I don't think Barack's and Hillary's policies are significantly different.

* Hillary might be slightly better for the economy and she'd probably get off to a better start, but I just like Obama. I can't see him being hated or scorned by anyone but the craziest wingnuts.

So, go Barack! By the way, I'm going to the caucus next Tuesday. What do you call a person who goes to a caucus? Caucusoid?


  1. I can't support Wendy's criticism. Hillary totally promotes her first name. It's what she wants to be known as. Just check out her website:

    Bob's just being polite.

  2. i've never voted anything but republican. not this year. while i really hate most of what the two dem stand for, the iraq thing is so egregious that i don't really care.

    and you're right. clinton will bring out everybody that ever had a problem with her or her husband. selecting obama will give the dems a much better chance of getting into the white house. and i'd like to amend my statement above. i'd never vote for a clinton. but i'd vote for obama for sure.

  3. I love the term caucusoid. Awesome.

  4. He is known in some blog circles as Barack O'Boyfriend.

    Before you make your decision, though, I think you should know this breaking news. I was solemnly informed yesterday by my boss (who has a Masters degree by the way) that I cannot vote for Barack, because he is a Muslim. Obviously. His middle name is Hussein, and his last name RHYMES with Osama. All that church he went to as a kid was just a cover up. Clearly, he's on a mission to infiltrate the government and then let all the terrorists in. No towel heads in our White House.
    My boss is voting for Bloomberg. Who, last time I checked . . . isn't running?


  5. I think McCain can beat Obama, not Clinton. Just me, thinking out loud.

  6. Looks like a lot of wonkies now supporting Obama. And I hope many among the caucusati.

  7. Good for you, Bob. All those are excellent and true reasons to go for Barack. The only odd thing is that it has taken you so long to get here. Barack speaks in poetry, and will govern in blank verse. He's inspiring.

    There's one more really excellent reason for your support: Barack is the only major candidate (since Edwards dropped out) who is bucking the government-for-pay system, by not taking any money from lobbyists and PACs. He is new-school, where Clinton is old-school.

    Here's what Larry Lessig, the smartest guy in my ivory tower, thinks about Barack:

    I'm happy that you're doing the right thing up there. Convince your fellow caucusians to do the same.

    Be careful not to get a caucussion, though.

  8. Bob, John is just the type of Republican that you said you wanted to see suceed. You said you wanted the party to move back towards center.

    If John gets whacked by the muslim or the skirt, the republicans are going to say, "see, we can only win with a right-heavy candidate."

    On the other hand, the guy can't even lift his hands above his shoulder. I know his arms are all messed up from being tortured by the north koreans (who I've heard would have over-whelmingly supported Hillary), but it just looks ridiculous when he's trying to strike a victorious pose and instead of looking like Rocky Balboa, he looks like he's doing a double salutation to the Furher.

    I think Barak might have trouble in the general election. Remember how Kerry got knocked as "the most liberal senator, etc.?" Well, Barak supposedly has the most liberal senate voting record.

    As long as it comes down to John or Barak, I don't really care. I have no faith that either one will do anything but try to gather more power and try to protect their legacy.

    No More Clintons; No More Bushes.

    Think about it: we've got at least one more Bush ready to try to the big house, and then we've got another Clinton woman, and at least one Bush woman who'll give it a go.