Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Convergence of Stars

Q: What happens when you favorite contemporary band covers your favorite song by the greatest band of all time?

A: You link to it.

For any of you Band fans out there, first of all congratulations. Second, you may want to check out the tribute album, "Endless Highway." This song is on it. And for you fans of Pearl Jam, My Morning Jacket, and The Band, be aware that Eddie Vedder covered this song with My Morning Jacket. It's only a partial video, but I'm comforted knowing thing kind of thing happens. And here's The Band's Laste Waltz version. It's the song that made me fall in love with all things The Band.


  1. Are you drunk again?


  2. Good stuff, Bob.

    Seeing The Band footage brings back a good memory for me. I was a student/vagabond absorbing culture and counter-culture in Europe at the time. Classes had ended and I was in Geneva on a rainy day. I was looking through the guidebook for museum options when I came upon a theatre playing The Last Waltz. After too many Titians and Durers as it was, I figured a movie concert would be a nice change of pace. The screen was cluttered with both German and French subtitles, but it was the music that mattered. I came out feeling proud to be North American. Seeing the McDonald's next door brought me down again, though not all the way.

    I don't know whether Scorsese can recreate similar magic with Shine the Light, his new Rolling Stones IMAX movie, but I plan to find out.

  3. Botched - Yes, drunk with passion...

    Steve - Even though I love their music and have about fifteen of their albums, I can't watch the Rolling Stones live for more than a few minutes. I get bored.

  4. I may see your point, Bob. I've never seen more than a few minutes of Stones footage myself, but there's a natural limit to Mick's strutting and sneering. Plus, I may have to reconsider seeing the film after imagining big screen close-ups of Keith Richards.

    This is beside the point, but Michael Flatley doesn't hold my attention for even one minute. Take a note, Mr. LOTD: variety is the spice of life. Wait, to be slightly more self-descriptive, how does "the salsa of our existence" sound? God I'm glad you took that guy down.

  5. I tried to listen, but my mind wandered. That said, I'm still interested in how it finished. Could you summarize the song for me?