Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Leadville 2008 Training Update, Part V

I have mixed news to report. On the positive side, I have avoided all the colds and flus (and pneumonia!) that have hit the family, so I've been able to do my favorite training rides.

The 7 Lakes of Seattle. I've done a couple of 80 mile rides around Lake Washington, which I called the 7 Lakes of Seattle. Please understand that my definition of "lake" is somewhat loose in that I refer to the Pacific Ocean and the Sammamish River as lakes. It just has a better ring than "7 Bodies of Seattle Area Water." I think we can all agree on that.

The 7 Hills of West Seattle. This 25-mile ride takes about 2 hours. I loop up and down the biggest hills within ten miles of my house, pushing hard on all but the first climb. While this ride hammers my legs and lungs, it doesn't quite simulate doing the 9-mile climb up to the top of Columbine at 12,600 feet.

Bursting. Twice a week, I sprint for quarter-mile stretches or climb hard up hills. I hope this is moving me from commuter shape to racing shape, because people in Myrtle Edwards Park stare at me.

The Red Hook Ride. One of my favorite rides is to Red Hook Brewery in Woodinville. I leave early in the morning, ride 60 miles, and then Wendy and the boys meet me in the car. Once I went on a little bike ride with the boys while Wendy and Kim hit a couple of nearby wineries, but all the other times I just throw the bike on the back of the car and we eat and drink at the brewery.

On the negative side, I still weigh 180 pounds. Unless I go on a crash diet, which is highly unlikely since food is so readily available in our society, I'll be doing the ride as the Before guy in one of those diet commercials. It will be a jiggly ride.

Then again, on a positive side, Fatty has agreed to let me race on his light mountain bike. It won't be as comfortable as my full-suspension SystemTM, but I need to be built for speed, not for comfort. The lighter bike will help compensate for the fatter body.

Then again, I haven't been riding my mountain bike this year. I haven't gone on a single mountain bike ride in Washington since October 2007. That's not good, because Leadville is a mountain biking race, not a road biking race. In fact, I need to pull my mountain bike off the wall in the garage and see if it still works.

Estimated Time If Leadville Were This Weekend - 13:00

Estimated Leadville Time If Training Continues As Is - 12:05


  1. AnonymousJune 10, 2008

    i am encouraged by your progress. i say you have nothing to worry about.

  2. AnonymousJune 10, 2008

    You might try one mile bursts rather than quarter miles. And I think they're called "intervals."

    To lose weight, Floyd Landis would just not eat for two or three days. He said he'd get grouchy, but it worked.

    But then again, this is all coming from the guy who was too big a pussy to even put in for the Leadville lottery back in January.

  3. AnonymousJune 10, 2008

    I hear that cherry danishes are just right for dieting.

    If danishes are not available, bear claws and apple fritters are the way to go.

    You're going to be riding the 7th nicest bike at the race. At least you've got that going for you, which is nice.


  4. Bob...I will be watching your reports with great anticipation. Listen, once this is behind you, we need to get together.

    I, too, have races coming up. I, too, weigh 180 when I should weigh 170. I, too, have SSS, adult ONSET SSS to be exact. We need to talk.

  5. AnonymousJune 12, 2008

    I don't like the way you put that race profile together.

    First, you should change the Y-axis scale from thousands of feet to hundreds of feet. I mean come one Bob, no one wants to see a bike race that goes over 12,000 feet.

    Also, that great big peak in the middle should be whittled down to about 1/2 it's current size. If people wanted to climb mountains, they'd use ropes, not bicycles.

    Finally, it appears that the X-axis scale goes out to 100 miles. I like having a nice round figure there, but miles are just too big. We want people to embrace the graph, not be put off by it...but feet are too short and no one knows what a meter is.

    Tell you what; change the X-axis scale from "miles" to "arbitrary units less than 1 mile." I think that'll put people at ease.

    Why don't you work on those changes, and then get a fresh draft back to me this afternoon.



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