Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Farewell to Arms

As a triathlete, I am appalled by my sluggish performance in the pool. I've swum laps several times now, and I'm still not ready for the Fast Lane group. My weak arms have taken me by surprise.

Also, my Speedo suit has shrunk. It now covers only the middle portion of my behind. It looks like I either need to purchase a larger Speedo or lose some weight.

The thought occurred to me that declaring myself a triathlete was premature. It would have been much easier to declare myself a golf enthusiast.


  1. Golf enthusiast is safe - only requires you still be breathing, even machine assisted.

    From my recent wakeboarding I also discovered that my arms are lacking. It seems cycling isn't helping me there - who knew?

  2. how was the running going?

  3. "Golf enthusiast" is safe...unless you are worried about living a meaningless life...then it is very, very dangerous. "Spoiler of good walks" would be the more apt term.

    Anyway, Bob...first ditch the Speedo all together...there are these places called "sporting goods" stores and they sell all sorts of stuff...even the latest in swim suits. And if you don't have a wet suit yet and if you haven't done an open water workout in a lake then get one and do so...the sooner the better...a great way to gain perspective. Secondly, it is not your arms that are the problem. Though I blew by her on the bike 15 minutes later as if she were standing still that 50 year old lady that swam over me at Lake Stevens in July didn't look like she could bench more than me...but her overweight body was slicing through the lake like a hot knife though butter while I still felt like I was pulling a barge...and that was a good day for me. In the water it is all about technique. And finally, if you SAY you accept Triathlon as your Lord and Savior then you ARE a Triathlete. Go with God.

  4. Pictures please. On second thought please no pictures.

  5. erlybird - Wet suits are the great equalizer. This used to bother me because I was a competitive swimmer in high school (state champion!!!), so it annoyed me that triathletes used the buoyancy of wet suits to stay close to their superiors. It was especially annoying because the swim portion is relatively small. Now that I flail in the pool, I don't mind the wet suits so much.

    brad - flexing or no flexing?

  6. Get to the gym and use weights focusing on your back and shoulders. It will help you so much in the pool!

    P.S. I just saw you did competitive swimming in HS. You will bounce back fast!

  7. Get something with a motor and a propellor.


  8. Bob - what events are you planning on doing next year? Any interest in doing a half in So Cal or Boise?