Thursday, January 8, 2009

This Depression Is Depressing

People are starting to call this economic downturn a "depression" instead of a "recession." I'm staring at a newly constructed office building that should be humming with activity, but is still totally vacant. Everyone is pulling back, which means no one is buying as much as they used to, which means companies are laying off people, which means a hefty chunk of people don't have money to buy things, and down we go.

It's a problem that this is a problem. We shouldn't have to expect double-digit growth. In my mind, economic growth should mirror population growth, or slightly exceed it. Any excess should be treated as such -- excess. It's a good thing I've never studied macro-economics, or I'm fairly convinced I'd berate myself for writing such idealistic nonsense.

Anyway, if you notice that I don't blog as often as usual, you know the reason. I'm trying to save money.


  1. this blog is depressing

  2. Oh yeah? Well your icon is depressing.

  3. Now I know why my bank account isn't what it used to be - too much blogging.

    I don't buy it (pun!). There was a depression in the 20s, this isn't even close to that. But it's not over and it will probably get worse, but will it get depression bad? I say we don't know yet. Some say we're heading into a depression, others say we'll be through this in 6 months or a year.

    Might as well stock up on food and other necessities just in case.

    Are you sure the recent crazy weather in your area isn't causing this depression funk?

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