Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another Word of Which I Disapprove

Rock. As in "I rocked a new sweater." Please stop saying that. One does not "rock" an article of clothing. One rocks a cradle, a boat, or a stormy love interest. The proper usage in this case is "wear." Example: "I wore a new sweater." If one wants to add a touch of flair to indicate that the article of clothing is being worn in a particularly flashy manner, the term "sport" is preferred: "Sporting a new sweater, a fedora, and a monocle, I was deemed fashionable by my colleagues."


  1. what if i was demonstrably rocking whilst wearing that sweater? what if that sweater rocks, not just while i was wearing it, but BECAUSE i was wearing it? I.e., what if I in fact caused that sweater to rock? could i then be said to be rocking said sweater? i think i could.

  2. In the old days, the women-folk would go down to the stream or river to wash clothes. They would beat the lye-soaped clothes on the rocks to get them clean. Thus the terming "rocking". Glad I could shed some light on this matter.

  3. bob, you rock. in a completely intransitive way.

  4. See, now, that's the usage that I don't love: you rock, she rocks, he rocks, "thanks guys! you rock!"

    But, to "rock a sweater?" That rocks my world! I shall procede and continue to use it, just maybe not around you.

    Rock out.

  5. proceed, even. dang.

  6. check minette out. she's rocking an apology for a typo, even though her meaning was perfectly clear.

  7. I concur.

    You rock Bob!

  8. Bob, I absolutely agree. I belive some form of the word "natty" should replace "rocked" in all instances.

    Example: I nattily wore a bow-tie.

    If you wish to be more hip, you can use a slang form of natty, "natted."

    Example: I natted a fedora with a peacock feather.