Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Great Golf Swing Has Gotten Even Greater

Yesterday, while I was outside a department store in a mall waiting for my parents to buy Christmas gifts, I picked up a long roll of wrapping paper and started working on my swing. One of the problems with practicing your golf swing with wrapping paper is that the club weight is off. A real golf club carries most of its weight in the club head, whereas the weight of wrapping paper is evenly distributed. Wrapping paper is also lighter and the grip has a greater circumference. These differences notwithstanding, I was able to make a couple of key adjustments to my swing.

First, I closed my grip, forcing me to snap my wrists at the point of contact, thus generating more power. What I may lose in accuracy I gain in distance. Second, I now begin the swing with my feet together, and I step towards the target, much as a baseball player would do. Again, I'm leaning towards power in the power-to-accuracy continuum, but I have nearly complete confidence in my accuracy. In my mind's eye, I was hitting 320-yard drives right down the middle of the mall, landing the shots next to the Santa Claus display outside Macy's.

I'll work on my chipping in Barnes & Noble.


  1. I immediately thought of Happy Gilmore. Then I remembered the stark differences in hair styles and the bubble burst.

    I hope your putting doesn't get you a handbag over the head.

  2. Bob, have you noticed how everyone falls asleep when you bring up golf? It's not your fault. That's what golf does to people. Move on.

  3. Bob, fatty links to your blog, and this is all you got?

    Repost the penis game.

  4. Looking forward to the continuation of our 18 holes of sibling rivalry in January.

    Practice with actual clubs is overated. I practice with Golden Tee Video Golf and a pint at the pub.

    Your golfing posts always make me laugh. bradkeyes and botched should "move on" and play their "penis game" together.

  5. Botched and Brad, I vow to continue to update you on the status of my golf swing on a fortnightly basis.

    Mark, I haven't tried drinking and practicing my golf swing. Maybe it'll loosen me up. I'll do that and then write a fascinating post on the subject.