Thursday, May 17, 2007

Electric Bicycles and Fighting

As some of you know, Elden (the Fat Cyclist) recently heard that his wife has become quite ill with cancer, so he asked a few of his friends to help him out with his blog while he got his head and heart around the situation. He's built up quite an audience over the last few years, making for a lively blog. Elden thinks my electric bike is a funny concept, so he asked me to write about it (it's actually Wendy's bike, but that's not quite as interesting). I wrote a kinda sorta funny entry that's kinda sorta worth reading, but the comments section is definitely worth a read. A frequent commenter named Al Maviva and I get into an overblown argument as to the merits of an electric bicycle. Check it out.

There's an odd combination of absurd humor and an outpouring of affection for Elden's family.

We basically argue about the wimpiness of riding an electric bicycle. To defend myself, I made the point that latex-clad cyclists aren't exactly perceived of as manly men. I linked to this clip of two professional cyclists throwing haymakers at each other. For me, it's The Godfather of YouTube videos. I've watched it dozens of times, and it never gets old. Here's the clip.