Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Is SNL Still Funny?

I haven't seen Saturday Night LIve in ten years and I haven't watched it regularly in about fifteen years. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I used to watch it regularly from the early years, and I mean the early years, back before Bill Murray replaced Chevy Chase. It reached a peak for me when Dana Carvey and Phil Hartmen were stars. With TiVo/DVR, there's no reason not to watch it, even when there are a bunch of hosts I've never heard of.

I heard an interview yesterday with an SNL writer who discussed the Ten To phenomenon, which I assume are the bizarre, experimental episodes that air near the end of the show, at ten to one. The interviewer referred to a Barry Gibb sketch as one of his favorites, so I decided to check it out. Like other late sketches, this one is bizarre and uneven, but it cracked me up. Maybe I need to start watching again.


  1. but the barry gibb episode isn't new. it's fantastic, and makes me love justin timberlake, but it's not new.

    i own justin timberlake music largely as a result of this sketch. i even watched some of his concert on tv. i think i have a man-crush on jt.

  2. Dug-

    Your man-crush may just be a scary side-effect of wearing your manpris.

  3. I also heard that Justin Timberlake is a regular host on SNL, and he's being compared with Tom Hanks and Alec Baldwin as one of the greatest recurring guest hosts of all time. Justin Timberlake! Maybe I'll have to work up a man crush.

  4. Another term to go along with "rock" - man-crush. Stop it, it's creepy.

  5. Another term to go along with "rock" - man-crush. Stop it, it's creepy.