Friday, March 21, 2008

Leadville Training - March Update

It's been a bad month. Things were looking good in February when I dropped five pounds (to 177) and was riding hard, including doing several 50-mile rides on weekends. Then Michael and Jacob came into town for a week. We kept eating out, so I went off my training diet. To make matters worse, the whole family got sick. I ended up with bronchitis, which kept me off the bike for a couple of weeks. And what's the point of lying around the house if you're not going to eat ice cream and donuts? And since you're not in training mode, why not have an extra helping or two of dinner? Oh, is it girl scout cookie season? Sure, I'll support the friendly neighbhorhood Lolitas. Why not?

I now weigh 184 pounds.

The good news is that I'm back on my bike. I'll test the waters this weekend with a 40-mile ride, and then maybe I can get back into a rhythm of eating moderately, bursting a couple times a week, and going on a long, hard weekend ride. I'm also looking into a couple of other strategies, such as vomiting after especially large meals and using crystal meth to increase my metabolism. Don't worry. I'll never blood dope with EPO, because that's cheating.

If I Had to Do Leadville This Weekend - DNF at 40-mile aid station.

Projected Leadville Time - 13:05

Best Case Leadville Time - 11:59

Leadville Enthusiasm Rating - 3 out of 10


  1. Totally inspiring.

    As soon as I'm totally full of home made cinnamon rolls this morning, I'm going to stop eating them.

    Then later today, I'm going liberate my bike from under the winter's accumulation of family detritis.

    Wait...I think it may have a flat tire from last year that I didn't fix then, 'cause I was out of tubes, and I wanted to buy some from Racer, but his shop is so damned far away from where I live, and I think you were with me the last time I went down to provo.

    Well, I guess I'll start my Leadville training by going for a walk.


  2. Phoenix Bob is ready to rise from the ashes.

    Botched - I can mule for you. My wife has to pick up her bike from Racers so give me your order and I'll have her buy your supplies. I can ferry them up to Bluffdale where I work. UTRider would probably be willing to take them to his work near Trolley Square. A bit complicated, but should work.

  3. KanyonKris, we'll need to arrange a series dead-drop sites and signs for when to load/unload the drop sites.

    There's a crack house just south east of trolly corners that I'm particularly fond of. This could be one location.

    Oh never mind, I just realized the crackheads will cut the tubes so they can be used as torniquets...


  4. Initially I believed I was making a generous offer of assistance to a fellow cyclist, but now I'm feeling like an addiction enabler. ;-)

    Seriously, I can snag some tubes and such at Racers for you. Just hit my blog and drop me an e-mail with your order. (You'd also be giving me a golden excuse to visit a bike shop :-)