Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fall Moab 07 Preview

My favorite weekend of the year is coming up: Fall Moab. This year's version, Fall Moab Aught Seven, should be spectacular. Here are my five favorite things about the Fall Moab tradition:

5. Road Trip

I usually don't like being in a car, but the road trip is one exception. There's the usual amount of ball-busting, movie reviews, book reviews, and sports chatter, and we usually find time to discuss work and families. On the return trip, the discussions inevitably turn to analysis of human sexual habits.

4. Parking Lots

Before the ride, there's the bike assembly and nervous chatter. Rick does his impersonation of Richard Gere or Bono. After the ride, there's the drinking of beer and the tossing of footballs. Paul breaks out his impression of Robbie Bosco.

The Slickrock parking lot has a special significance. We've been riding Slickrock for almost 20 years, and I get a stomach tingle every single time.

3. Food

Food tastes great after a long ride. Especially Hostess SnoBalls.

2. The Open Country

I love the wide open sky and sunshine in Southern Utah, especially coming from Seattle, where there isn't much sunlight even when the sun is out.

1. The Moves

I love trying the same move over and over. I love watching the other guys trying the same moves over and over.

Wrinkles: This year, we're actually doing Fall Moab in St. George, I'll be riding a singlespeed mountain bike instead of The System, and we're camping. More details soon. Have a good weekend!


  1. is this an open ride? meaning, can individuals invite other people or do you have to get group consensus before extending the invite to others?'d like to do on this famed trip sometime.

  2. I heard that if you show up uninvited, you will be shunned, stoned, or made to ride naked w/ no shoes. So i wouldn't advise trying it.


  3. andy, there are quite a few rules, and unfortunately, they never tell the new people. the only rule that i've heard (or at least that I remember) is that if you're invited, you can't invite other people. and you're only invited until you become a full fledged member.

    how one becomes a full fledged member is unclear, but I think you have to have known someone in the official group for at least 15 years...

  4. hmmm...doesn't seem to be much ambiguity in that response. =)

  5. Andy, Botched met us through the blogging community a couple years ago, expressed interest in riding with us, and started coming along the Fall Moab trips. Anyone else can do the same thing. In fact, Fatty has ridden with several people who met him through blogging. Next time you're in Seattle or Utah, contact me or Fatty, and we'll set up a ride.