Monday, November 5, 2007

I'm OK

When the Colts went up 20-10 yesterday, I high-fived the kids, who were playing with the girl next door, and gave out unwanted hugs. When the game ended, a 24-20 loss to the hated Patriots, I went into a little funk. First, I no longer cared about professional football. It's a ridiculous game played by people wholly unrelated to me. Second, I wandered around the house looking for a book to read -- there were none -- or for little things to do. I did the dishes. I removed the babyproofing locks from the kitchen. I listened to my gabby neighbor gab. I payed just enough to say "um hum" at the appropriate times, but deep down I was wondering what happened to Manning's protection. When I was getting the boys ready for bed, they did their normal delay tactics, and I came close to smacking one of them. I really wanted to hit one of my kids. Finally, I couldn't sleep at night without thinking about the defensive collapse in the fourth quarter.

In time, I'll be OK. I'll miss football.


  1. tell me about it. i came into work all hoarse and depressed yesterday. i think it was the first game in a long time that i've watched where peyton didn't have enough offensive weapons to beat another team. moorehead couldn't catch. wayne dropped a perfectly thrown ball. clark let one slip. gonzo dropped one in the endzone (of course...he had already dislocated a thumb so that didn't help things)

    sigh...i think i'll be up again for the chargers game but it will take some effort.

  2. um. lighten up francis. you're bringing me down, man.

  3. It'll take weeks to get over this. Let's not talk about it anymore.

  4. Whatever. I know you didn't give up, and I'm sure you watched that missed field goal this last Sunday. You're a true fan.