Thursday, November 1, 2007

Picturesque Pictures

One of the reasons I allow Minette to continue to be my friend is because she's an excellent photographer. Every now and then, she resorts to gimmickry and goes nuts with an infrared lens, but check out her more honest photos. She shows a keen eye for depth of field patterns et cetera, and her many Flickr friends are continually flagging her photos for e-awards. Even printed magazines are getting into the act, purchasing her photos (but failing to give her credit). I myself have lifted several photos from Minette's site without properly attributing them, but I do not apologize for this, because I see Minette as a chippy understudy.

Check out Minette's Flickr page. You won't be disappointed.


  1. Minette's Angry Redhead is how I stumbled across your Top Five! A favorite photographer and favorite writer, I very much enjoy the stuff you two share with us over the 'net. Especially Minette's stick figure pictures.

  2. All this time I was under the mistaken impression that we remained friends because I keep you hooked up with endless supplies of coke and hookers. Disappointing.

    Thanks for the write-up, friend. Real sweet. Keep stealing the pictures but hand lemme borrow that dollar bill, will ya?

  3. Awesome photography! Visit flicker regularly to see Minette's latest!